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Will Obama’s foes

end up hypocrites?

You who oppose President Obama and his economic recovery programs, do not be hypocrites.

When the creation of jobs begins and homes cease to be foreclosed, do not take advantage of the jobs.

Leave those jobs to those who do support our president.

Don’t take advantage of the programs that will be available so that one can keep his or her home.

You who are critical of everything our president proposes do not deserve the benefits that will be available as a result of his visionary policies.

You are like the “scabs” during a strike.

“Scabs” oppose a strike but are more than willing to take advantage of all the benefits a union fights hard for; what hypocrisy!

Catherine Ruiz

City furloughs should apply to big bosses, too

I have been following the city’s attempt to balance the budget during the current financial crisis.

I won’t go into past mismanagement of the city’s finances, but I am curious about the furloughs planned for employees.

I understand they have to take off one day per month without compensation.

Does this also apply to the department heads and their staffs, including the city manager?

They make a lot more money than the average hourly employee and would have a much bigger impact on reducing the deficit.

Nick Aussems

retired Tucson police officer

Choice of headline word stupid – or biased

Re: the Feb. 17 Arizona Republic article “16 migrants rescued from Phoenix cabinet shop”:

What a shame to have a newspaper that publishes an article referring to “16 immigrants.”

It uses the words “immigrant,” “migrant” and “illegal alien” as meaning the same.

They are either stupid or biased and want the reader to get a different impression than the truth.

The readership today wants honesty in journalism.

casper weiss

Green Valley

Planned Parenthood should be investigated

How much longer are we going to accept the reckless disdain and contempt that Planned Parenthood of Tucson has for the law?

How long are we going to allow our tax dollars to go to this agency that has been found guilty of covering up rape?

Lilia Rose, a young college student, unveiled a practice that Planned Parenthood appears to have as a regular policy.

This courageous young woman posed as an underage female who was impregnated by a 27-year-old.

She did this three times – in Arizona, Indiana and California.

Did Planned Parenthood report these serious infractions of the law, as it is supposed to? Not a chance.

Three times, Planned Parenthood has done a cover-up against the law in these three states!

It is time we had a thorough investigation of Planned Parenthood and its policies.

Ann Downey


Tucson Right to Life

Medically accurate sex ed cuts abortions

Arizona has the nation’s second-highest teen pregnancy rate, with more than 10 percent of girls 15 to 19 becoming pregnant.

Arizona’s youth are at a higher risk than the national average for pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

One in 4 Arizona teens currently has a sexually transmitted infection.

The Arizona Legislature thinks that preventing women from accessing reproductive health care will address the need for abortion.

Yet we know that we must work to prevent unplanned pregnancies from happening in the first place!

Medically accurate sex education is a real solution and a great start.


So Bush did wrong? Where are the facts?

Re: Beverly Rosenthal’s Feb. 19 letter (“Bush, his minions must be held accountable”):

I am curious as to just what crimes were committed by the Bush administration.

Why are liberals, who apparently love to bash President Bush, so hesitant to back up their comments with facts?

I firmly believe all citizens should obey our laws and would like to see our leaders set a good example.

The Bush administration has been subjected to numerous congressional hearings and, to date, nothing of a criminal nature has been discovered.

Perhaps Rosenthal could share some of the crimes she knows about with the rest of us.

John L. Perry

What part of ‘illegal’ confuses columnist?

Re: the Feb. 18 column by Ruben Navarrette Jr. (“Arizona’s circus act”):

Navarrette forgot he is speaking about illegal immigrants.

Let me repeat, he is speaking about illegal immigrants.

May I again say, he is speaking about illegal immigrants.

Does he begin to get it?

Ann Lee

Oro Valley

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