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Lesson for arena designer in library art?

In Teya Vitu’s Friday article (“City negotiating with designer for Tucson Arena contract”), George Heinlein is quoted as saying, “We’re looking for something rooted in the Tucson environment.”

I hope he is as successful as those who designed the “western art” in front of the downtown library!

Charles D. Hamilton

Will miss Citizen, and those who deliver it

Since 1946 when our family arrived in Tucson, we have subscribed to the Citizen and have been pleased all these years.

You have reported the news fairly, accurately and completely.

We have had a great variety of carriers, from little Bobby (with Dad along) to Chris, Melody and many others. About 10 years ago our paper disappeared for several days as a neighborhood child picked it up, walked to the corner and released each page, watching it sail off into the March wind.

Our carrier then delivered the paper to the front door, and the problem was solved.

Every carrier has been prompt and courteous.

We shall miss the Citizen and our present carrier, Mr. Feldman, who throws the paper every day exactly to the same spot.


retired librarian

Paper covered tough stories no one else did

I would certainly feel sad to see the demise of the Tucson Citizen.

You have done so many informative and sensitive investigative series on unpopular subjects that no one else has done, such as the series on the border several years ago and on the lives of gay and lesbian adolescents, who make up such a large proportion of the homeless youth.

And Billie Stanton, bless her, with whom I don’t always agree, but who staunchly opposed the Marriage Protection Act.

And likewise for Anne Denogean, who had the guts to criticize the Catholic bishop who had died, even after all the usual eulogies.

Where are we going to get such people if you disappear?

I do wish you had kept Carolyn Hax to daily but perhaps reduced, and kept Dear Abby at two columns, instead of increasing Abby to three and reducing Hax to once a week. But I don’t expect everything.

My hopes and wishes for your future economic and journalistic health.

June Wortman

Green Valley

Columnist left out key data on abstinence

Since Anne Denogean did not provide the specific title of the report she cited in her Friday column (“Democrats’ sensible sex-ed bill will never see the light of day”), it took me about 20 minutes to find what I believe is the correct one on the Web site for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

The study I found was titled “Emerging Answers 2007: Research Findings on Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases” by Douglas Kirby, Ph.D.

In her bid to make abstinence programs appear to be a waste of time and taxpayer dollars, Anne leaves out some important facts.

The report does not say abstinence programs don’t work. According to the study, the “jury is still out” on abstinence-only programs because the “current research is inconclusive.”

Another report, “With One Voice 2007, America’s Adults and Teens Sound Off About Teen Pregnancy,” states that “an overwhelming majority of adults (93%) and teens (90%) continue to believe that providing young people with a strong abstinence message is important.”

The point is, we need to read all the data for ourselves instead of relying on others to pick and choose what is important, discuss it in a civil and respectful manner, and make the best decisions we can for our kids.

Brian Kennedy

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