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Gov’t deluded on ability to manage economy

In the fall of 2010 in a $50 million apartment in Manhattan, a small boy will eat the last banana in America. International commerce will fail. Our currency will no longer be the planet’s standard. Why should this be?

All the dollars that were in circulation in many countries no longer printing their own currency with ours as their standard will have bounced back when ours failed. This will add over $10 trillion to that put in circulation with borrowings and printings. There will be inflation like Germany in 1923.

Today M1, money in circulation, is $1.6 trillion. With a gross domestic product of $14 trillion, our money cycles every 45 days. A dollar leaving a bank on day one goes to an employer, is paid to an employee and spent, finds its way back to a bank in six weeks and three days, according to an econometric model. When trillions are added, the equation is invalid.

If all cash now in world circulation comes home due to failure of confidence in the harvest of Democrats’ worst economy in 50 years, topped by trillions in borrowings, tell the world our government is invalid and President Obama ignored the facts of the “New Deal,” known by all the world’s economists and scholars.

In 1990, the Internal Revenue Service seized the Mustang Ranch in Nevada for unpaid taxes. Per law, the government had to operate it to collect its money. It failed.

The government could not even manage a whore house in a desert selling sex and whisky. Why does anything think they can manage an economy better than the 12 million businessmen who made it work?

Adrian Vance

Lakeport, Calif.

Obama embracing the politics of fear

During the recent presidential election, Barack Obama decried “the politics of fear” repeatedly. As president, though, he hasn’t chastised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her fearmongering. (Note to Nancy: It’s impossible to lose 500 million jobs per month in the U.S., seeing as how there are only about 300 million people in the country).

And indeed, Obama resorts to scare tactics himself. For example, claiming that if the pork-filled bill he backs isn’t passed, then the U.S. will find itself in the midst of “a catastrophe.”

Obama’s audacious embrace of the politics of fear is not cause for hope.

Mark Kalinowski

New York, N.Y.

If you like horses, don’t permit slaughter

Re the Feb. 2 article, “Horses have lessons for UA women’s tennis squad”:

Horses are not just possessions.

There are daily articles, photos of owners with their horses, including an array of advertisements, even 4-H members claiming to care for animals – especially horses. Yet, the caring seems amiss when it comes to the end result: The sale must be made. End result: Most of the animals end up slaughtered.

Please do not say that you can care for an animal daily – then permit the end result and state it is for college. Get a job if that is the end result of so-called pet caring in which the animal depends upon you to be humane.

Why is it a benefit to own a horse or any animal, but not to protect them as our heritage that helped build this once-great nation?

Greed seems to be in the forefront now, just like a female who proclaimed, “I would rather send them to slaughter than have the sick and old starve to death.”

My response was “perhaps that is what will become of the elderly seniors, especially being residents of the greatest debtor nation on planet Earth.

For those who need to see for themselves having no international mechanism or just don’t care: Perhaps you should go to Mexico to see the horses being slaughtered while still alive, with their spines ripped out. And if that isn’t enough, then hear their cries being hung by a hook to bleed to death.

Mindinah Rodriguez


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