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Not all Hispanics are Democrats

Re: Ruben Navarrette Jr.’s Feb. 11 column, “GOP must clear racists from its ranks”

Navarrette’s column on racism is too superficial to merit much discussion but I would point out a few facts.

First: “Hispanics” include at least one demographic (Cuban refugees) who are overwhelmingly Republican. Race has nothing to do with it.

The Cubans who settled here in Florida are intelligent, hard-working and morally conservative citizens who know, first-hand, that liberalism and socialism is a lie and nothing more than the slippery slope to a police state.

Cuban refugees are fleeing communism and Castro. While they get some assistance upon arrival, they do not pile up on the welfare roles. They get jobs and work.

We have Mexicans in our area, too. Somehow Mexicans, despite having the identical language barrier as Cubans, cannot compete, cannot integrate, cannot learn English and end up on welfare and clogging our hospitals and jails.

Again, is this racism or is there another problem? The same contempt for the law that “entitles” Mexicans to come here illegally also “justifies” Mexicans driving on our highways with no driver’s licenses and no auto insurance.

The solution is simple: First, we need an executive order from the president (as chief law-enforcement officer of the United States) giving all illegal immigrants to get their fannies back over the border within 90 days. American taxpayers did not pay to import them, so we will not pay to deport them.

Anyone hiring an illegal immigrant must go to jail and pay all of the expenses of deportation of the illegal worker.

When caught, all illegal immigrants must be shipped home without any money or property except the clothes on their backs. All other property will be confiscated to pay the costs of deportation.

The concept is simple: Remove the benefits of illegality.

Marc Christopher

Fort Myers, Fla.

Hey, leftists: Give it up on trying to nail Bush

It’s amusing that the only folks who haven’t moved on from being obsessed with former President Bush are the leftist MoveOn.org-type wackjobs.

Mark Kalinowski

New York, N.Y.

Disgusted with politicos derailing Constitution

Re the Dec. 5, 2006 article, “Prosecutor to reconsider charges against anti-immigrant rancher Barnett”:

I’m appalled with the fact that American citizens are being either sued by illegal immigrants or prosecuted by special-interest prosecutors when these Americans are simply trying to protect their property and lives as has been a basic right since I can remember.

I don’t live in your area, but as a concerned American, I’m saddened, angered and disgusted with most of our politicians and legislators in this country. They are systematically dismantling and forsaking the very core of our Constitution and our ideals for illegal immigrants asserting their rights.

When foreigners who enter our country illegally start demanding rights with the help of special-interest groups over and above our own citizens, it blows me away.

I have never been overly political, but I have chosen sides and will fight on the side of Americans who wish to abide by the Constitution and laws of our land against self-serving politicians and legislators with an agenda.

Phil Maher

Painesville, Ohio

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