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Columns kept reader buying the Citizen

As we were driving home from work last night, I thought: “I’m really going to miss The Citizen when it’s gone. I really look forward to having it to read every night.”

My husband and I share the “other” paper over breakfast and the Citizen over dinner. Saturdays are especially fun because we get a jump on the Sunday funnies.

I can’t say the paper’s closing came as a surprise. A couple of years ago, I was explaining to someone there that I didn’t want a credit for my missed Saturday paper; I wanted the paper even if it was two days late because I send the color funnies to my daughter who lives near Canada and doesn’t get a paper.

He cheerfully replied that I didn’t need to send them to her; she could just read them on the Web site.

This was a newspaper person? He didn’t understand that reading on the Web site was not the same as holding the real paper in your hands? Not a good omen at all.

We’d noticed that the actual news was usually about the same as we got in the morning paper, which told us that those who were straight news junkies would probably not subscribe long term.

For us, the columnists made the difference, and we’ve stayed with the paper because we enjoy the columns.

They’ve added spice and flavor that other papers lack.

Our favorite has always been Billie Stanton. We enjoy her writings even if we don’t always agree with her, and we’ve enjoyed reading all the bombastic letters from those whose hackles she’s raised.

They usually give us a good laugh. One wonders what they are going to do now that they won’t have Billie to kick around any more. All that rage simmering and no where to dump it !

We also like Anne Denogean and Judy Carlock and many of the others whose columns we’ve enjoyed but haven’t made note of their names. They’ve all helped to make the Citizen a paper to look forward to.

It’s probably too much to hope that the “other” paper would be smart enough to hire Billie, Anne and Judy and spice up their rather dull paper. But it would sure be nice!

We are very sad to see the Tucson Citizen go. Very sad indeed.

Barbara Young

Green Valley

Say, enough to gov’t's out-of-control spending

Re: the latest government “decisions” to begin health care rationing, which solves the baby boomers’ pending problem, voted for by U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords; the Pima County tax increases on boomers, et al; and homes in a downward spiraling market with no end in sight:

I say “yes” to letters writers M. Schick in recalling Giffords and to S. Jackter in appealing the tax increases en masse.

I urge everyone, even Tucson socialists, to grow some backbone and stop this government out of control spending!

We have to stop spending in our lives, make them stop wasting until they show responsibility in spending.

Enough to those who are takers and not producers. No one values anything they get for free. Make those who can but don’t, earn their way and balance this budget debacle.

Government, are you listening? We are paying you!

Susan Compton

All ethnic groups have racists/bigots

Letter writer Gabe Molina, in my opinion, is so blinded by his racism and disdain for whites that he knows little if anything about history, doesn’t understand or grasp the concept of racism, or for whatever reason is missing the “big picture.”

Too bad he is teaching his four kids the same disdain, hatred and bigotry he seems so proud of.

The reason why Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers doctrine should not be taught in schools is that they are all racist bigots, despite the liberal leftist media wanting you to believe they are civic leaders and their organizations are civic groups or “religious.”

There is not an ethnic group in the United States that doesn’t have its racist/bigot/hatred faction.

Hispanics have MEChA , Mexican Mafia and Nuestro Familia, and Caucasians have Aryan Brotherhood, “skinheads and a few others.

The liberal media and “academics” define racists as white males. Affirmative action is a liberal term by the federal government to discriminate against the white male.

Mr. Molina, I am sure, is not aware of any of this, or he just chooses to ignore reality and live in his bigotry.

Obama’s wife has demonstrated by her rhetoric during the campaign that she is a loudmouth, makes the Rev. Wright look tame, and benefited from affirmative action and playing the race card.

She is not very bright, despite attempts to portray her as such. That is why she was kept out of the limelight for much of the latter part of the campaign.

Mr. Molina, maybe this will help you to understand why Malcolm X is not taught in schools. Give your kids a chance.

Mike Edmond

retired police, Army Reserves

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