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’100% behind you, Sheriff Joe. Keep em on the run.’ KCSilvercloud

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The story: Several thousand people marched in Phoenix to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the program that allows his deputies to enforce immigration laws.

Your take: You go, Joe. We’re behind you all the way.

Many members of the Tucson Citizen’s online community assumed that most or all of those who marched must have been illegal immigrants themselves.

“They walked a couple of miles? Big deal,” wrote Bananas. “Most of them have walked that far before . . . right across our border.”

Referring to the 150 marchers who supported Arpaio, 4135 wrote, “Headline should have read 150 legal citizens and thousands of illegals march against U.S. laws.”

And OklaWildcat added, “Illegals protesting the sheriff for enforcing the federal law. Hmmmm.” He also attempted to insult the marchers by calling them “great future Democrats.”

Also in the Sheriff Joe Fan Club is okieiniowa, who wrote, “You go Joe. Sic ‘em.”

Referring to Arpaio’s plans to keep illegal immigrants segregated in tents, mustberight said that’s not a problem. “The illegals are used to the outside, it is their way of life and they are not confined except with wire fences.”

There was, however, a lonely voice of opposition to Arpaio’s tactics.

“Thousands march against Arpaio’s tactics and about 150 counterdemonstrators. So, where were all you armchair law and order folks?” asked leftfield – his name and political stance. “Next time, there will be thousands more and the momentum that is already building to get rid of Little Joe will be overwhelming.”



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