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Shouldn’t sex partner have shared burden?

Re: the story of Sarah Elizabeth Tatum (Feb. 26, “Baby born in dorm found in plastic bag ‘gasping for breath’ “):

How did Ms. Tatum become pregnant? Immaculate conception seems unlikely. Artificial insemination? Obviously not. An overdose of Viagra?

Or could the method have been plain old male-female, everybody-does-it sex? If that’s the answer, where is the male partner? Or is this just one more dismissable case of “boys will be boys” and girls get to cope with the results?


Sheriff Joe’s at least getting things done

Re: the Tuesday editorial “Sheriff Joe’s circus costly and ineffective, study finds”:

Don’t you have anyone better to pick on? Mortgage lenders who brought us economic problems? Gangs? Home invaders? Drunken drivers?

Agreed, some of Sheriff Joe’s methods are “outside the box” but nothing compared with waterboarding and other military treatment that seems to have gone on in Guantanamo and Iraq.

Inmates are in Maricopa County’s jail because they broke our laws. They didn’t say a four-letter word in church!

The illegal immigrants are a different breed; they not only broke federal law, but also sneaked in to do it, littering and defiling our desert.

Their aim is to take jobs from Americans, get Social Security, education for their children, send money back to Mexico, etc.

Sheriff Joe (Arpaio) keeps the situation in the limelight. Our government has not done anything to control these trespassers. Former Gov. Janet Napolitano is not going to be a big voice for Arizona; she’s got other fish to fry.

Our own Sheriff Clarence Dupnik seems willing to assist but seems to get stonewalled.

Same old story: If you want it done, do it yourself. And that’s Sheriff Joe!

Arliss Powell

Stimulus would fund program vital here

Re: the Feb. 28 article by Garry Duffy, “Giffords: Stimulus will soften recession blow in Arizona”:

The article indicates that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords supported Arizona accepting the stimulus package.

The money provided could be used to keep people employed and to support health care and education.

Accepting stimulus money would enable the university system, which has suffered from significant budget cuts, to save some programs that are very important to southern Arizona.

Arizona State University’s Social Work Component in Tucson may be in danger if the university does not receive the financial support necessary to fund this program.

The component is the only social work program in southern Arizona and educates professionals from every county of our area.

The program produces more than 50 graduate-level social workers per year. These professionals are vital to many non-profit organizations, behavioral health providers and government agencies in the area.

Closing this program would have detrimental effects to the community and to the people who receive services from these organizations.

The universities have to make difficult decisions regarding programs and fees due to budget restraints. If the state accepts the stimulus money, Tucson’s social work program – one of many valuable programs in jeopardy due to financial constraints – may be saved.

Arizona legislators and Gov. Jan Brewer need to know that voters support accepting the federal stimulus money.

Marcie Dauphine

Talk of fish wrapper turns to Law of the Sea

I find myself agreeing with letter writer Rick Dempsey that the Citizen’s demise may well lie at the hands of reporters and editorial personnel with extreme liberal mind-sets, and it is time for the Citizen to hire an editor and staff that cater to our conservative community.

Peter Bronson is a excellent choice for editor in chief. Columnists such as Thomas Sowell should be well represented.

In addition, reporting should include those congressional events dangerous to our republic, such as a discussion on the Law of the Sea Treaty.

It would be a huge step toward establishing a world government by giving regulatory jurisdiction over everything (e.g. military and commercial) concerning the world’s oceans and seas to a United Nations body, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

A look into the treaty would be an eye opener. Its adverse effect on our sovereignty must be made known to our citizens.

David Eisenberg

Headline was more left than it was right

Rick Dempsey’s letter to the editor was given the wrong headline by your liberal staff – probably to soften the blow of his message.

What it should have read, judging by the content, was that your paper is overloaded with the liberal mind-set’s slant, which sits poorly with half or more of the demographics in greater Tucson. It should have been titled “Paper could profit from much more of the other political persuasion”.

I agree with him wholeheartedly and have expressed it to you often.

I’m going to try the Arizona Daily Star. If it’s more of the same (as the Citizen), I’ll cancel.

John Vandehey


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