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Receivers Dean, Taylor expect to be UA leaders

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University of Arizona receivers Delashaun Dean and Terrell Turner are jokesters who love to keep everybody around them loose.

They are serious, however, about the team finding a quarterback for the 2009 season and being the players to help replace Mike Thomas, who set several school records.

They have opinions on both, with spring football just a few days old.

“There will be no new Mike Thomas,” said Turner, laughing. “Mike brought a lot to the program. We all have our own little personal things we bring to the table. Dela is a more big, physical type. I am the more possession receiver.”

Q: How do you guys feel about the quarterback battle between Matt Scott, Nick Foles and Bryson Beirne?

Dean: “We don’t know who is going to be one, two or three. I feel comfortable with three guys who can be the starter. It is going to bring a lot of competition and bring the best out of all three of them, and us too.

“With me and Terrell as the so-called veterans of the offense we will have to keep pushing those guys to get better. We really have to make those guys look good in situations that they are going to be placed in.”

Q: Scott has a reputation for being only a runner, and not a thrower. True?

Turner: (rolling eyes) I would say the big arm is not a factor with Matt or Bryson or Foles. They can all throw the ball and deliver the ball on time. It will be interesting to see who does it the most consistently this spring.”

Q: Does Scott have a strong arm then?

Turner: “Everybody knows Matt Scott can run, but a lot of people are going to be surprised how well he can throw the ball.”

Dean: “I think one thing that gets taken away from Matt is his arm strength. People want to take a look at his legs. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his arm. Matt’s big thing is he needs to get more consistent on where he places the ball and (being) more accurate. Matt has the arm strength.

“He just need to work hard on accuracy and ball placement. All three have big arms that can make big throws. They will just have to push themselves to be more technical to get where Willie (Tuitama) was.

“They have a lot of upside and they have a lot of work.”

Q: How do you guys replace the explosiveness of Thomas, who became the Pac-10′s career leader with 259 receptions?

Dean: “It is already in us to be that explosive player. There is no doubt (we) can take a hitch to the house. It is just a matter of us stepping up and pushing each other and getting on board with the younger guys. We have the big-play ability in us.

“Mike was that type of a guy. We accepted that, but now it is our time to be that. We don’t have Mike and that has to fall upon us.”

Turner: “We both know we can make the plays. If we couldn’t do that, then we wouldn’t be here.”

Receivers Dean, Taylor expect to be UA leaders


Career receiving stats for UA receivers Terrell Turner and Delashaun Dean:

Terrell Turner

Year Rec. Yds TD

2006 1 7 0

2007 50 575 4

2008 43 580 1

Total 94 1,162 5

Delashaun Dean

Year Rec. Yds TD

2007 37 418 1

2008 53 593 4

Total 90 1,011 5

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