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Re: UA downs Stanford; ASU next in Pac-10 Tournament



Cats have a shot at winning tourney?

• This puts Arizona on the bubble again. We need to beat ASU to be a lock. Hopefully the Cats will have some magic and win the whole Pac-10 tourney. WILDCAT FANATIC

• We beat Kansas, which won the Big 12. We beat Gonzaga, and UA is fifth in the Pac 10. We are in. Great way to finish the year at home. Great game to watch. 3231

• Twenty-five straight NCAAs would be great for this hard-working group, in spite of all the coaching problems. . . . But if it doesn’t end this year it will certainly end next year. Good Luck. JOEMC

• I do like having another shot at ASU, but I would also like another crack at Cal after that. I don’t think Cal wants to face Arizona in the Pac-10 Tournament, though. DOGS OF WAR

• I can’t help but imagine what this season would have been with Lute Olson on the bench with Russ Pennell and Mike Dunlap backing him as the assistant coaches. C’est la vie. BAY CAT NATE

• UA still needs to do a better job at defending that 3, but all around great game against Stanford. I look forward to the game against ASU. Something that I have been wanting since our last loss to them.

By the way if we’re only playing subs like 2-5 minutes, why not let David Bagga get a few minutes. The guy can shoot, and I would like to see if he can defend. Sometimes guys aren’t practice players but rise to the occasion in games. I think it’d be interesting to see what he can do for a couple minutes here and there to give Nic Wise or Chase Budinger or Kyle Fogg a breather. It’s just an idea. I know it’s the end of the season, but it would be fun to see. JUST A FAN

• David Bagga is the MVP. SADZONACAT

• One more year! One more year – Jordan and Chase. The jobs not done, and UA is a Final Four caliber team next season. COACH HOWLESS

• A little gas left in the tank, playing on the pride that Lute built, That was Wildcat basketball. 3829

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