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‘If you are found guilty of taking an innocent life by a jury of your peers . . . you go directly to the gallows, no appeal, no waiting time. Put in an express lane.’ BigE50

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The story: Hobbled by budget deficits, several states (but not Arizona) are considering legislation to end the death penalty. Numerous studies find that it is cheaper to imprison killers for life than to execute them.

Your take: The Citizen’s online community has an easy answer to those who argue that costly, time-consuming appeals of death sentences make capital punishment too expensive: Eliminate the appeals. Some representative comments:

• “What cost? One box of ammo, and Death Row is cleared. Bonus: All that money we just saved!” SpdwSwanGuy

• If one is convicted of murder . . . there should be (an) immediate carrying out of the ultimate penalty, preferably the gallows or rifle squad without benefit of blindfold.” MerleBreiland

• “Death row and executions should be maintained because it’s the right thing to do. Period. End of story. They kill? They get killed.” NevadaDemocrat

• “Since it also costs money to incarcerate someone, why not just give criminals a rap on the knuckles?” LionelBrough

• “The death penalty seems like an easy way out for the predator. Having to live the rest of their miserable lives behind bars, on the other hand, is a punishment that keeps on punishing day after day after day after day. If it is cheaper then it’s a bonus! 3433



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