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Reader will miss Tucson Citizen, comics

I have to express my regret you are closing.

I am an 82-year-old housewife who looks forward every single day to getting my paper.

The comics are first, and I am really going to miss those. Can’t the Star pick up Brenda Starr and Rex Morgan at least?

Next the editorials and letters to the editor, then on to the world news.

My sympathies go out to all the employees. What a tragedy!


Dread all about it . . . paper to go missing

I really am upset for what is about to happen with the newspaper. I have been getting the paper every day.

My delivery guy was outstanding; my paper was always on time.

It will be so sad to get up and go looking for my newspaper. I hope something will be worked out. I’m going to miss my papers very much.


City just keeps piling on trash pickup fees

Another ploy by the city to get more money from us. We pay $14 a month for trash pickup, and on Saturday I get a letter saying they want to charge another $10 for picking up the green barrel.

That would make the monthly bill $24 just for trash pickup.

I will not pay that and will not separate anything anymore. It will all go into the trash. They can pick up the blue barrel and I will not pay anything and dump my trash on my own.

I’m a senior citizen, and the city has gone too far with this and needs to get their heads out of the trash dump.

Don Pleins

Teach teenage fathers responsibilities, too

Re: Anne T. Denogean’s column about Kaitie Noland:

My respect to this thoughtful, caring young woman who is willing to put forth the effort to help teenage mothers understand and cope with the enormous responsibilities of caring for a child.

Is there someone, somewhere, who cares enough to provide this same education for the young males who fathered the babies?

Once upon a time, a wise person said “Any male can create a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father.” Or is recognition of that kind of responsibility too outrageous to be acceptable?


Former staffer takes form of editor at large

After 22 years of employment with the Tucson Citizen, I was surprised to see my name misspelled in Tom Miller’s Saturday item (“The day the Citizen opposed free press”).

The headline, too, was inaccurate; the opposition lasted much longer than a day.

One such instance involved Dennis Eskow’s breaking story about UA football players stealing from stadium concession stands. On the third day, the Citizen refused to run the story, Dennis walked upstairs and gave it to the Star. They ran it the next day.

Julie Szekely


Set sights on acquiring control, not more guns

It is time to curtail the political behavior of companies such as Clear Channel. Remove the Broadcaster Freedom Act from the D.C. Voting Rights Bill and tell the NRA to take a hike.

Gun control is needed in D.C. – not more weapons!


Green Valley

We could clean up by reusing wash water

Save millions of gallons of fresh water daily. The standard clothes washer uses about 20 gallons of clean tap water per wash. Arrange it to discharge it into a simple, wall-mounted plastic tank.

When the tank is full, an excess overflow pipe allows used water to continue discharge into the house drain. With little modification of drywall, plumbing connects toilets to wall-mounted tank supply, instead of pressurized fresh water house system.

Standard toilet tank valve continues to operate normally by gravity flow. In rare events when tanks become exhausted of clothes wash water, that tank is connected to the pressurized fresh water house system and automatic refill is effected by the same type of standard float valve found in standard toilets.

Per 1,000 homes, savings could be mind boggling, depending on how many times toilets are flushed per day. Don’t worry about soapsuds, recall Sears; 1960 suds saver washer could select out the suds water.

Kenneth L. Hayden

Mainstream media not objectivity of affection

In recent years, I have become somewhat addicted to the news, probably because I am a little older and really care about my future and the future of my kids and grandkids.

It is such a shame the mainstream media cannot print the truth or even do any investigative research anymore.

I was contacted by a reporter last year who didn’t have any facts about the subject. The facts I gave were never printed. I guess it didn’t fit the agenda.

It’s frustrating how the media play to a certain political party or group instead of reporting and investigating both sides.

I really miss the truth, and I assume most Americans feel the same. This used to be a free country with free speech; I’d like to see it come back!

Becky Antle

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