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Re: Jordan Hill on top of heap, earns Pac-10 honor



Hill seen as 1st-round choice in pro draft

• Hill’s fire in the belly, along with his great talent and skill, will land him a number 3 or 4 selection in the NBA Draft. . . . How Chase (Budinger) plays this Thursday will influence his own selection in the draft. He has great talent, but fire on defense is critical for him and the Cats this Thursday. We lost both games to ASU because ASU played defense just a bit better. JCS

• Don’t take me wrong; these players are very good, but I don’t think they are ready yet. They have all the tools to be something great, but they need to fine-tune some things. Don’t be surprised if they come back! Especially if we get a great coach coming in. JUST A FAN

• Here is a 2009 Mock NBA Draft. For those of you who think Jordan will stay, you’re crazy. Hopefully the Clippers will pass on Jordan (another nice reason to stay at Arizona): 1. Sacramento – Blake Griffin, Oklahoma. 2. Washington – Hasheem Thabeet, UConn. 3. L.A. Clippers – Hill, UA. 4. Memphis – James Harden, ASU. 5. Oklahoma City – Brandon Jennings; Europe. SELLY22

• Hill, I think, with maturity, will be a NBA player for some time, but Chase still remains a second-round pick, in my mind. Chase, a la Luke Walton, should return for one more year. D3189

• Both Chase and Jordan are very deserving of NBA money. Hill is hands down the most skilled big man to EVER come from Arizona. . . . Chase’s skill set is ridiculous as well. He can pull up from 24 feet and has a very nice midrange game. 4274

• I love Jordan like a brother, but . . . in my opinion Brian Williams was the most gifted UA big man. Sean Rooks also dominated and had a 13-season career in the NBA, and Channing Frye had the best hands and mid-range shot I’ve seen. Hill is the best finisher (thanks to Nic Wise dimes) and has a great upside. . . . He deserves all the accolades. I’m sure he will be a lottery pick. COREY74

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