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‘Why do so many support those here illegally, and don’t support those sworn to uphold the laws of this country?’ glm

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The story: Federal authorities will investigate Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s department over allegations of discriminatory practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures.

Your take: If only the Citizen’s online community had strong opinions about Arpaio. Just kidding – the sheriff is the most reliable lightning rod this side of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Some representative comments:

• Keep up the great work you’re doing, Joe. These idiots are on a witch hunt. They just don’t like someone actually enforcing the law.” – DABears

• “Joe should be in charge of national corrections. . . . To all the new metrosexuals running Washington, stop reading Cosmopolitan and get Cojones Magazine instead.” – Cochise60

• “The winds in Washington are blowing this direction. We can already smell the poisonous stench.” – carb

• “If I were in Joe’s spot, I’d say ‘Bring it on.’ ” – xflbret

• “How about putting the Nazi jerk in a Mexican prison?” – zor

• “Sometimes, it is hard to really see what is going on in the government, but watching this case closely will let us know which way the winds in Washington are blowing.” – Spirit of Zenger

• “Some people are born to bake beautiful little cupcakes with sprinkles on top while other are born to incarcerate people and dress them up in 19th-century uniforms and have them live in tents.” – handslikeclouds





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The big debate:

Investigating Arpaio

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