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Thefts by government the essence of tyranny

Hard-core leftists believe that there is nothing wrong with government confiscating money from taxpayers. This is merely another way of saying that so long as theft is legal, it is OK. This is the essence of tyranny.

Theft is immoral. And what’s worse, when government confiscates your money, it is an outrage. This is because government’s proper role is to protect all individuals’ moral rights (such as the right to retain one’s own private property), not violate those rights.

Just because government legalizes some activity, does not make it right. Slavery is a good example – it was legal for our country’s first few decades, but that never rendered slavery anything other than what it was and is: an abomination.

In any case, the leftists’ attitude toward your property, taken to its consistent end, is this: “Abolish all private property.”

Who claimed that this was the essence of his political views? The father of the most murderous political theory of all time, Karl Marx.

Shame on all leftists for their pro-theft viewpoint.

Mark Kalinowski

New York, N.Y.

Clinton pushing same old policy in Middle East

The U.S. secretary of state, who hails from New Yawk City environs, goes to the Middle East and plays footsie with the same anti-freedom politicians that most presidents have catered to over the past 50 years or so and what has it accomplished? Nothing except war, war and more war.

The anti-liberty forces that control most of the Muslim world using authoritarian methods, seek only to hold onto the levers of power and oppress the majority.

The Arab League is nothing but a front for those authoritarians who mouth hostility toward Israel but do nothing for the Palestinians nor for their own people.

When will America’s leaders throw off the chains of Zionism that control our Middle Eastern foreign policy and start dealing with the reality of the democracy that is Iran and Palestine?

Granted that the ayatollahs have the last word in Iran, but remember that these ayatollahs were the political vanguard that overthrew their colonial oppressors – us.

They backed Mohamed Mossadegh who kicked the Brits out of Iran after World War II and deposed the Shah.

The people of the Muslim street know that freedom is not a reality in Iran or anywhere else in the Middle East, but they also know that Zionism controls U.S. foreign policy.

And, now they are getting a preview from a secretary of state who is from New Yawk.

Hillary Clinton, under the major influence of Jewish Neo-Cons based mostly in New Yawk City, has made it quite clear that the Obama administration will pursue the same old foreign policy toward the masses in the Muslim world that has led to the rise of radical Islamic terrorism.

For example, she tells the Palestinians that the aid from America will not be going to their elected leaders but to political leaders that Israel selects.

That is, Hamas will be ignored even though the majority of Gazans and West Bankers have elected them in free and honest elections – even though the Zionists who control Israel directly intervened on behalf of its puppets in the PLO.

It is time to face the reality that the common people of the Middle East seek to be free!

Continuing the failed U.S. foreign policies of the past 50 years or so will not succeed in pacifying the region. Iran rose up in 1979 and kicked the U.S. and Europe out of Iran and ended colonial control of the region.

The majority of Muslims follow Iran and Turkey because they want liberty and freedom from the poverty that the oppressive authoritarian regimes have given them for years. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and all the emirates of the Persian Gulf have been under the control of oppressive authoritarian police state regimes for hundreds of years with the collusion of the west, including the United States.

Muslims will not forget that the United States forced the “Jewish homeland” onto them after WW II. They know that the Zionists in America had the influence in the United States to get the help of President Truman to impose Zionist Israel on them.

That is the reality in the whole of the Middle East on the street.

The Muslim religious politicians – ayatollahs, sheiks, etc. – know just how to play their people against their former oppressors who still back the Zionists and Arab authoritarians against them and give them the money to continue the oppression of the majority of Muslims.

To stabilize the region, the first order of action must be to stop all military and financial aid to every authoritarian regime in the Middle East and to Israel. Then a resolution needs to be passed in the U.N. Security Council to inject a military force on the border between Zionism and the West Bank and Gaza.

The third order of action disarms the Zionists so they can no longer be aggressive against any neighbor.

If Israel is to exist, it must be provided international protection that will give the people of Israel 100 percent security and keep the “terrorists” among them under control.

Until the psychopaths on both sides are eliminated, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

Isn’t it ironic that the bastion of liberty stands for oppression in the Middle East and that the people there believe it? Zionism is more dangerous to America than radical Islamic terrorism because it has ingratiated itself to the American psyche.

Too many Americans believe that Zionists are God’s people. That is unsustainable bull.

God does not abide violence of any kind and Zionism like Islamic radicalism is violence.

Don Kennedy

Starke, Fla.

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