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Economy to remain

in trouble under Obama

For years, President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other socialists slandered the moral right to pursue happiness by labeling it as “greed.”

Now that these tyrants have declared the War on the Right to Pursue Happiness, expect our economy to remain in a tailspin.

That’s what always happens when capitalism – the only economic system consistent with individual rights – comes under heavy assault.

Mark Kalinowski

New York, N.Y.

Arizonan Republicans

need to be unified

On March 1, Sen. Jon Kyl, the Arizona Republican who is the second most-powerful senator, was on the Sunday talk shows staunchly defending the millions of dollars in earmarks he has for Arizona in the budget bill before Congress.

On March 2, Sen. John McCain was on the floor of the Senate delivering “a fierce, emotional attack.” McCain, R-Ariz., lectured President Obama for failing to do more to stand up against the thousands of spending earmarks in the 1,132 pages of the budget bill.

Since both are Republican senators from Arizona, shouldn’t they talk to each other and bring one unified Arizona position to the nation? Or is one playing to the national/Arizona public on TV (Look Arizona, I got those millions of dollars for you, wink, wink) while the other one plays politics in the Senate with both hoping no one will notice the dual games they are playing?

Isn’t it time our elected officials stopped playing these political games and got serious about trying to help America get out of this devastating economic situation we are currently experiencing?

Lin Owen

Pinehurst, N.C.

Immigrants must get

here legally

Re: The March 2 article, “Thousands walk at march against Maricopa County sheriff”:

I am so tired of hearing about everyone crying about immigration. If people want to live in this country, they need to do it legally – like all of our ancestors did.

They came here, they learned the language and they worked – they didn’t live on welfare or act like we owe them something.

I, for one, think it’ wrong that I have to be bilingual to get a job. I am all for people coming to this country for a better life, but do it legally and learn the language.

Donna Rejniak

Kuna, Idaho

Health care system

only good for pols

We are supposedly the greatest and the richest country on earth and yet we do not have 100 percent health care for our own people.

Meanwhile, the politicians who are elected to serve us do have this necessity and they have it on our backs.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Many other countries care enough about their own people to recognize that they require 100 percent health care for all.

What these people in “power” here do not seem to realize is that injury and disease and therefore monetary poorness, can happen to any one of us at any time.

God forbid they should find themselves or someone they love dearly severely injured and/or diseased and financially ruined because of it. You could bet your bottom dollar that they would pass single-payer health care in a New York minute.

They say “socialism” to detract us. It’s a red herring. They enjoy “socialized” medicine thanks to us while they say “no” to it for us.

And so many of us fall for this. It’s like we are all alive so that they can continue to live a deluxe, comfortable, worry-free life.

I once was a very active, independent, hard-working gal until I hurt my spine. Am I, and many, many more anonymous people like me, supposed to rot away on a sofa until we die?

France, for example, has national health care for their people and, at the same time is a very free country. I will gladly pay taxes toward this. We pay taxes anyway.

Also, boo to you, Rush Limbaugh.

Alba Farina


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