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Letters to the Editor


Letters to the Editor

Consoling Sports Dept. as the finish line nears

I’m sorry about the upcoming end of the Tucson Citizen. I have been lucky to have been published occasionally and have enjoyed the columnists and articles in the Tucson Citizen for nearly 50 years.

The high school sports coverage will be sorely missed.

Thanks for giving Tucson your best in these difficult times.

The future will be a little more empty without a second opinion in this community.

Matthew Somers

Gannett doesn’t care to sell, so stop buying

Sue Gannett for not allowing the JOA to be sold along with the Tucson Citizen.

Get an injunction to stop the sale unless the joint operating agreement is part of the sale.

Get U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl involved in pressuring Gannett and getting the law changed on JOA.

Contact the U.S. attorney general. Do something to at least make it possible for the buyer to continue to publish a paper.

The staff of the Tucson Citizen should do everything possible to put Gannett on the hot seat. The critical brains of this community must not capitulate to Gannett. Think.

If all fails, I will cancel my daily subscription to USA TODAY, another Gannett paper, on March 21 – and encourage all USA TODAY subscribers to do the same.

Bill Nicholson

Plea for publication to weather recession

I have been receiving the Citizen for 40 years. I am a daily reader, do the word jumble and the crossword puzzle.

I also send news clippings to my grandson in Buffalo, N.Y. Eighty-six degrees? He reads every word – the “white stuff,” the rodeo news and the humor – and especially the weather!

Please do not discontinue. What would I do without my evening newspaper? I am a regular reader for 40 years!


Citizen slogan: Miss us someday, miss us a lot

I really do like the Tucson Citizen. I read it every evening before I go to work.

I will miss it very much. I met one of the newspaper staff; she was very nice to me and my family.

God bless all of you. Wish you could keep the paper going. I will miss it a lot.

I will say a prayer for everyone.


Reader gives editorial staff the business

Citizen employees are probably asking themselves what happened.

I have been told the editorial staff decides what direction to take on political issues.

When I came to Tucson, the Citizen was a staunch conservative newspaper leaning to a political side of Republican polices. In the last several years, it appears the Citizen is moving to liberal side of politics.

Why have two papers when both are printing the same news? Read the early news in the morning.

Maybe if the Citizen had stayed with conservative side of politics, it would still be in business.

Charles Roberts

Sober driver safer bet than luck o’ the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is a time to sport green and celebrate Ireland’s rich heritage. But if your plans include alcohol, remember to celebrate responsibly and include a designated driver.

Nearly 2 in 3 adults have been a designated driver or been driven by one. That’s more than 137 million Americans.

So designate a driver or take a cab home. Efforts such as these, along with increased law enforcement, have helped reduce drunken-driving fatalities by 38 percent nationwide.

So when you head out to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t rely on the luck of the Irish. Keep your family and friends safe by volunteering to be the designated driver.

Kimberly Clements

president Golden Eagle Distributors Inc.

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