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Fans shouldn’t be shocked by UA’s record



Re: Men’s basketball program

Why is everyone surprised? We have an interim coach who has no idea what he’s doing. We only have three decent players who have played under three different coaches in three seasons with no continuity to the offensive or defensive scheme.

The younger players have some talent, but were not able to develop with poor coaching and game plans. This season was a bust the day Lute Olson retired.


We are done! Done! I hope all you bandwagoneers get on the NIT train.


They’ll get in because of Arizona’s name recognition and because everyone feels sorry for poor old Lute despite the mess he made of the program the past two years.


Yep, I can’t wait till the NIT so we can lose to someone like Saint Mary’s.


I think everyone is too hard on Chase. He tried to live up to what others said of him, not what he said of himself. He is a good player and just never had a real stable program.


The Cats have not been the same since the Illinois meltdown, and the program does need a total overhaul. As I noted in a post last year, the wheels have been coming off the program one lug nut at a time for several years. Would Olson have let someone like Chris Rogers on his team in the 1980s or 1990s? I think not.


Arizona has actually overachieved this season. When Lute left everybody was predicting a disastrous season, yet there’s still a slim chance for the tournament. I know we don’t deserve it, but someone once said “what’s deserve got to do with it?”


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