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Letters to the Editor

Time to support TUSD budget override

Thank you for your informative Thursday story “TUSD puts budget cut decisions in schools’ hands.”

My granddaughter’s elementary school has very good classroom teachers. It has no physical education teacher and no visual arts teacher, however.

It has a part-time clerk instead of a librarian. And although it is not a particularly small school, it has a half-time principal.

Parents are asked to donate the pencils and erasers. It is hard to imagine what else the site council can cut to fit the budget.

Studies show that students do better in academic classes if they have physical education as part of their day. I remember librarians at my children’s elementary schools who found appealing books for children who had limited interest in reading, helping those students develop an interest in reading.

Research has found that the most effective economic development dollars are spent educating our young people so they can succeed in the work force.

I hope the TUSD Governing Board decides to ask the community for a budget override vote, and that the community supports that effort.

And I encourage citizens to contact Governor Brewer to ask her to stand up for our schools.

Kathleen Fullin

Obama capable

of multitasking

Re: the March 13 letter “Arizona’s’ aging vaudeville act”:

To those who have been complaining that President Obama is taking on too many tasks at once and should focus only on the economy, I suggest they try to see the inter-connectedness of issues.

I, for one, am completely confident that this intelligent, savvy president is capable of multi-tasking.

Lois Smith

Messiah and hairplug leading U.S. to ruin

Alan Neff’s letter was another valiant attempt to blame the Republicans for the recession caused by the Democrats!

I don’t recall any massive foreclosures or layoffs when Reagan was president, or for the first six years of Bush’s presidency, until the Democrats got control of Congress.

You talk about tweedle dum and tweedle dee? What we now have in the executive office is a decidedly not funny version of Laurel and Hardy: the messiah and the hairplug.

One can’t talk without a teleprompter, and the other one sticks his foot in his mouth every time he opens it.

We have a State Department apparently led by idiots, going by recent remarks. Apparently Mr. Obama wants to give away our money to people who hate us, and if that were not bad enough, to pay for bringing them here.

By the way, the war against the terrorists is anything but phony. I am sure a trip to Iraq or Afghanistan to patrol the roads would convince you of that, if you managed to survive.

John F. Sukey

retired military

Best of luck to staffers of Tucson Citizen

I hate the thought of losing the Tucson Citizen. I am so used to having it every day. It’s my favorite newspaper.

I always get what I want in the Citizen. Sorry things turned out this way. If only somebody could take over, I would be happy again. Best of luck.


49-year subscriber can’t believe Citizen’s fate

So sorry to hear the Tucson Citizen is going out. I will miss the Citizen so very much.

We have lived at the same address for 49 years and have had the newspaper for all that time. Can’t believe we won’t be getting it anymore.



Internet-only readers part of paper’s problem

While I would love to blame the demise of the Citizen solely on its editorial bias to the left, I know a lot of other things are involved. Several sources have foretold of such closures around the country and of the changes coming for the entire news industry.

More and more papers such as the Citizen will either close or continue only as Internet subscription publications. That has built-in problems that will need to be dealt with, but this change is upon us.

Yes , some of the “change” we have been hearing about so much of late is not inherently good; a lot of it makes me want to gag.

I soon will change my subscription to a local paper from “hard copy” to Internet, so maybe I am part of the problem.

Eugene Cole


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