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No need to bury Obama, he’s doing it himself

If you were a Hollywood writer and went to your studio chief with a “treatment” for a sitcom based on President Obama’s gaffes, you’d not only get thrown out and fired, but your car would have been rolled out by studio guards, one of whom would be holding an open door for you.

In his hand would be your last paycheck with a Post-it Note on it: “You can’t make this up! You’ll never work in this town.”

Not only does Obama dump the Churchill gift bronze from the British people given to us after 9/11 to symbolize solidarity, but in response to receiving two priceless, thoughtful gifts, he gives their prime minister a Wal-Mart CD special, does not invite him and his wife to dinner or stage the traditional two head-of-state press conference.

Was the teleprompter down?

Rumor has it that Michelle Obama does not like the English because they were in the slave trade. Is she not aware they stopped all such commerce without fighting a civil war in 1832? So much for Princeton.

President Obama’s proclivity for lawbreakers, tax cheats and goofballs has continued into his administration. His secretary of the Treasury is such a skunk no one will work for him and he is manning the bureau alone. So much for his administrative talents and indispensability.

For a topper, Obama has taken on two of the greatest Gatling gun gabbers on radio and TV: Rush Limbaugh and Jim Cramer.

Both of these guys eat bowls of 10-penny nails for breakfast just to have something to spit when they get a target. Both Limbaugh and Cramer have huge audiences, can ride and shoot the eyes out of a Queen of Hearts at full gallop.

After stampeding America for a “stimulus package” Obama didn’t bother to read, he takes off three days to go to Chicago to renergize – with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Reskow?

There is absolutely no doubt this administration is shovel ready.

Adrian Vance

Lakeport, Calif.

Mush ado about president’s first months

Has less than two months in office turned President Obama’s brain to mush?

First, he sniffs that he didn’t take a reporter’s “Are you a socialist?” question seriously – even though Obama’s entire career consists of advocating far-left political policies (i.e., socialism).

Then, Obama dares to claim that he and his administration have “actually been operating in a way that has been entirely consistent with free-market principles.”

In reality, a free market outlaws fraud and the initiation of force – but Obama’s war on prosperity is a massive initiation of force against peaceful, economically productive individuals.

Somebody please refer our empty suit of a president to an exceptional psychologist ASAP.

Mark Kalinowski

New York, N.Y.

Practice conservatism, liberalism in moderation

A conservative recently said “Why can’t we disagree with each other and not invoke the emotion of hate toward each other as we discuss our different points of view.”

The problem, I believe, is in the use of the word “conservative.” After all, what does the word “conservative” actually mean? It means “no change.” It actually means that we really live in a perfect world, so why change anything? Conservatism itself becomes, in effect, a fighting word.

It’s somewhat like the word “liberalism.” Liberalism, in effect, means that we should change everything. Liberalism, too, is a fighting word and that’s why so many people today try to avoid describing themselves as liberals, even if they want to see many changes taking place in society.

I tend to be a moderate with some conservative ideas and some liberal ideas and I think this is the best position to be in, because then you tend to be open to any good conservative ideas or any good liberal ideas that you might come across. In other words, you have many more options to choose from.

So I think that we all should really become moderates. What do you think?

Corbin M. Wright

An American who lives in Argentina

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