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‘The next time someone lights up a “harmless” joint, remind them they are 1/3 of the problem. The cartels in Washington and Mexico are the other 2/3 .’ 4218

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The story: President Obama’s planned shifting of border resources away from workplace raids inside the U.S. to fight Mexico drug cartels “is a step in the right direction,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva says.

Your take: Given the Citizen’s precarious situation, this might be the last time we take a stroll along the border. It’s a well-worn path.

Some representative comments:

• “This latest effort simply re-enforces the idea that if you get past the border, you are home free, and businesses that exploit cheap labor couldn’t be happier.” – Spirit of Zenger

• “And that’s how you rewrap amnesty for illegals and welfare for Mexico. You call it ‘shifting resources.’ ” – 1967

• “If Mexico’s violence is America’s fault, then how can Canada sneak in over $5 billion in cannabis yearly and not go around kidnapping people and chopping their heads off?” – prodesert



Our demise: Chapter 198

The story: Associate Editor Mark Kimble ponders the Citizen’s future. Two “interested buyers” are negotiating a purchase with Gannett Co. Inc., the newspaper’s corporate master.

Your take: “Every once in a while, a person in hospice has to leave hospice because they continue to live. May the Tucson Citizen have the good fortune and luck to have this outcome. – dwg



For Thursday, March 19

1Jury: Payne can be sentenced to death.

2Kimble: Stay of execution.

3Report: First medics turned away in Natasha Richardson’s fall.

The big debate:

Drugs and violence on the border

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