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City squandered our money – $100M of it

It’s about time our city leaders explained to the citizens of Tucson how they have spent, or should I say squandered, $100 million on the elusive Rio Nuevo development.

I don’t know about the rest of the citizens of Tucson, but I for one am sick of hearing the words “Rio Nuevo.”

The concept was great; too bad we didn’t have people running the show who knew how to pull it together.

Can we get a refund? I want my money back.

Bob Howell


Lawmakers need to butt out of our lives

I am appalled that state Rep. Nancy Barto and other out-of-touch politicians make it their priority to interfere in the relationship between a woman, her family and her medical provider.

The Arizona House has gone too far. Barto and her cohorts are trying to deny women access to vital health services. Their vote to adopt HB 2564 threatens women’s well-being.

HB 2564 goes too far. It forces medical professionals to deliver a lecture filled with misleading information designed to coerce and shame a woman into changing her mind about getting an abortion; it places an additional financial burden on families from rural communities who will have to travel to Phoenix or Tucson for care that is currently available in their communities; it reduces access to preventative measures, such as emergency contraception, by allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense medication ; and, it requires third-party involvement in the private decisions young women make with their parents regarding abortion.

The bill does nothing but create barriers, increase costs and deny access to health care . Politicians are making it more difficult for Arizona families during this economic crisis while jobs are lost, education funding cut, homes foreclosed on and now they are making it harder for women to get care.

It violates the rights of women to access medication and information. It interjects the opinions of politicians into the personal, private decisions between a woman and her medical provider.

Rep. Barto is exposing the true agenda by supporting this intrusive legislation.

Luis Rivera

Dems allow bonuses, then act mad about it

Members of the administration and Congress are, as my mother used to say, having a “hissy fit” over the bonuses being paid to AIG executives.

The outrage reflects how unworthy many members of Congress actually are.

Democrats, with the help of only three Republicans, passed the Obama stimulus bill, the largest spending bill in history.

This legislation was written by Democrats, and Republican efforts to amend it were not considered. In fact, Republicans were not allowed to participate in the conference committee’s final negotiations.

Contained within the stimulus bill was language, installed by a Democrat, granting authority for AIG to pay bonuses.

House and Senate members who voted for the stimulus bill have no reason to be reacting the way they are. They voted for the bonuses.

Obama has no reason to complain either since he wanted the bill passed in such short order and he signed the bill.

Americans deserve better government than this Congress, under Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, is providing. We want change, but not the change this administration has displayed.

Obama has lied to the American people. He promised to accept public funding for his campaign; he promised he would not give jobs to lobbyists; he promised that all bills would be posted for the public to review for five days before he signed them. He has kept none of these promises.

Americans should direct their anger toward members of Congress who voted for the stimulus bill rather than those who have received the checks.

John Perry

retired Air Force

Citizen has been part of my life for 47 years

I am writing to tell you how sorry all my family is because of us losing the Citizen.

I have been a subscriber since 1962. I had 10 children and my son, almost 50, used to sell the paper when you were on North Stone Avenue and when downtown was great.

I also had a daughter (she passed away five years ago), and we used to help her fold the papers and she would deliver them to the Menlo Park apartments. So we have much sadness in finding out that there will be no more Citizen paper.

I wonder, if we still had Michael Chihak on the paper, if this wouldn’t have happened?


Thanks to Citizen for all its done for me

I’m a chronically ill person who can’t get around much these days, but the Citizen keeps me informed about what is going on. And not just in Tucson.

Having the Citizen in my life has meant a lot to me. Especially when the comics page makes me laugh. And the Citizen has the best comics of anywhere I’ve lived.

I’ve lived in 10 states and moved around within most states. I’ve seen a lot of newspapers, even worked for the Baltimore Sun in the mid-1970s, and the Citizen is tops!

I’ll truly miss this paper. And an icon of Tucson and southern Arizona shall be gone, and hopefully not forever. Please try to save this paper.


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