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Fans appreciate UA’s run to Sweet 16


• Not impressed with Pitino allowing showboating. When you’re getting all the breaks act like you’ve been there before.

Tough loss – but better than losing by one in OT.


• Hey we can dog the team all we want for this loss but to tell you the truth I actually am proud of this team. They kept the streak alive, and they got to the Sweet 16. If Pennell coached last year’s team we would have gone further, but that’s my opinion.


• Louisville played a great game – period. They played it to perfection and when your opponent is that (good), there is not much you can do.


• A lot of these (online) posts are the worst, fair-weathered posts ever. Support our guys. They did what they could. Hill still had a double-double with 14 and 11. It’s just that Louisville had three guys his size, that could hit shots outside, too. Respect your team and what Pennell and Dunlap have done for us.


• I agree that Louisville ran up the score. It was not the Cats’ night from the get-go. Thank you Russ and company for a job well done. You will have a head coaching job next year – probably a mid-major.


• My sincere appreciation to the team, coaches and yes, the fans of the University of Arizona. A great season and a great run. The only people on the court today that showed any class, was the UA coaches and their players. Pitino would be a severe step down from Pennell and Dunlap.


• I’m not sure any of the Big Three would even start for Louisville. Congrats to Chase for playing like the only Wildcat who gave a damn.


• Thanks Cats and coaches for a really special season. I think that even if they had been on their game, that Louisville would have won, they were impressive. Thanks to the players and coaches for a very special season.


I could care less about the showboating and stuff. Hey, it goes with the territory when you get your butt kicked.


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