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I didn’t vote for Obama, but I support him



Make no mistake, I want President Obama to succeed in keeping us safe, restoring confidence in the markets, encouraging capital formation so investment will create jobs, and ending the polarization that created a wave of ideological intolerance that he helped ride into the White House.

Obama is my president, and I will continue to fly the American flag despite the fact that my neighbor has stopped flying his.

I did not vote for Obama, and the jury is out as to whether I could ever vote for him. We’ll see how he does.

One thing is certain, you don’t achieve universal adoration if you’re doing the job of president of the United States.

With every decision, you will anger some and satisfy others. We saw this on day one when the Gitmo rhetoric of the campaign turned into public policy.

Many question whether this will mean terrorist combatants captured in battle will enjoy full American constitutional rights and may even maneuver our legal system to gain freedom in a country that has been the ultimate target of their hatred and violence.

That certainly would be a change. And should there be an attack on our shores resulting directly or indirectly from a lessening of our guard, then America will want another change real quick.

The propensity to hemorrhage our tax dollars under the guise of bailouts and stimulus is certainly a change that concerns many, for we know not where the money will come from and can only fear that those already strangled by taxes will be asked to tighten the government noose around their wallet or business.

Many supporters of our president weakened the previous one by the frequent calling of names and attributing faulty intelligence to an outright lie.

This grand political tactic worked, especially with those who do not take the time to pay attention to the universe of coverage on these issues to consider all pertinent facts and analysis.

But they are smart, and others are dumb. I certainly hope Obama is sincere in wanting to end this type of polarization and will encourage, not ridicule or discount, differing opinions and analysis. This, after all, is essential to our constitutional system of checks and balances.

For our part, we must hold our elected officials accountable for what happens. America must no longer tolerate finger- pointing and excuses. That’s the change we need and should insist on.

The brutal fact is that the Democrats are in total power, unchecked. As this change becomes fully understood, America must assess if this truly is a change we can believe in or do we need to make another adjustment.

Ed Martin is a former radio talk show host, political analyst and strategist residing in Tucson.

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