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‘You can’t befriend a rabid dog without gettin’ bit when you least expect it. . . . Obama has shown the dictators we are not steely in our resolve.’ SpdwSwanGuy SpdwSwanGuy

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The story: President Obama went to Latin America on a “good will tour,” promising to listen as he works to improve relations between nations.

Your take: There’s little good will for Obama among our online commentators, who find his tone cowardly, not conciliatory:

“Nobama is using the same negotiating tactics as Carter,” says tucsonchris. “They failed then and will fail now. Showing weakness is not a good position for America. He’s indirectly encouraging more terrorist (Janet be damned) attacks and our military (possibly citizens) will pay dearly. What a fool!”

Agrees LoonyLeft, “It’s called ‘Neville Chamberlain Appeasement Diplomacy.’ It didn’t work with Hitler, and it won’t work work now.”

But azsd counters, “Those that think negotiating is a form of weakness are NOT patriotic! The benefits of unilaternal negotiations will enable USA to maintain its supremacy in everything we desire!”

” ‘The One’ is NOT negotiating,” retorts Towken1. “He is handing over the keys to the kingdom to our enemies.”

“So,” asks gdub, “how much improvement has our tough stance garnered in, say, Cuba? Did it stop 9/11? Or the initial attack on the WTC? We can always ball up our fists and refuse to talk. This does not get us very far!”





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Obama’s good will tour

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