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‘Are you afraid to do business on my side of town after dark?’ defender

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The story: A man killed at a car wash in a Monday night shooting and another who was wounded are thought to be the victims of a random attack.

Your take: Blame the victims. It’s their fault they were shot. But thankfully, that uncorroborated view was met with a fusillade of common sense.

tiebreaker started the blame by commenting, “Oh, well.” He later wondered, “What man is doing any good at a car wash on the South Side at 11 p.m.?”

handslikeclouds responded: “What is wrong with you? . . . Every time this happens it creates the atmosphere for it to happen again. Don’t be flip, protest it.”

And suzanne58 wondered, “Are you really that heartless?”

Carl123 asked, “I would really like to know the rules of the road about living on the SW side. Especially if I wanted to wash my car. Maybe go to the store late? What’s the deal here? … If I live down there, I’m not supposed to do anything after the sun goes down? I’m naive, so lay it out please.”

When tiebreaker’s view garnered a smattering of support, leftfield said, “Empty, pandering flattery is the signature of the unctuous.”

I Won got fed up with the back-and-forth, writing, “If I wanted to deal with this crap, I would have relocated to Philly or Detroit. Murders and stereotypes: A nationwide epidemic.”

And speaking of stereotypes, mustberight had this perspective on the vehicle used by the suspects: “The fact that an Audi was involved is really a mark of the drug people.” Take that, all you Audi owners.

Compiled by MARK KIMBLE


The big debate:

Death at the car wash



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