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‘This council has done nothing for the citizens of Tucson, and grossly misspent what tax money they do get.’ valhuen

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The story: Some 700 people attend a City Council budget hearing to protest a proposed tax on residential rent.

Your take: Most of the people at the hearing were opposed, and that was reflected in the Citizen’s online community.

“Who is going to pay your bills when you have run all of the ‘property owners/tax base’ out of Pima Co./Tucson?” asked 5022.

And WildcatJD suggested, “Raise income taxes on the wealthier Tucsonans. Do not put the burden of financing city services on the backs of the poorest among us.”

But cyberoid was among the minority: “It’s so easy to be against taxes and simultaneously request and expect better services. It’s human, even if it is selfish, to want to enrich oneself. Just don’t call it noble.”

Tepid interest in UA concert

The story: Slow ticket sales for the first major concert at Arizona Stadium since 1977.

Your take: It’s a poor choice of music in difficult economic times.

“Why would a concert have such a varied group of artists?” asked corazondeldiablo “Really, Jay-Z and the Veronicas?”

“Terrible combination of genres,” agreed cpuhog. And Joseph B urged, “Bring in some real music.”

“Gee, could be nobody is buying tickets because nobody has any $$$ laying around with the economy in the toilet,” surmised skooter72.



For Wednesday, April 29

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2 Slow sales for first major concert at Arizona Stadium since 1977.

3 Dupnik: Citizenship checks of students would ease social woes.

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