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Socorro Anna Aguirre, 70, April 29, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Mary G. Barrios, 81, May 2, housekeeper. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Ignacia Bartlett, 96, April 28, hairdresser. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

John F. Barwell, 86, May 6, engineer. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

Ethel Block, 90, May 2, accountant. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Carol Ann Bray, 74, May 2, homemaker. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

Maria Jesus Chaboya, 87, April 29, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Cleo Christofferson, 83, May 1, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Joyce Crawford, 90, April 28, psychologist. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Warren D. Decker, 65, April 11, security guard. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Jesus Q. Elias, 104, May 4, cobbler. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Jose M. Fernandez, 92, May 4, pipe fitter. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Pablo Caballero Figueroa, 76, May 1, horse trainer. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Frances G. Flores, 93, April 28, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Shirley M. Fry, 93, May 4, cook. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

James Gardner, 76, May 5, property officer. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Faith M. Gildea, 50, May 2, caregiver. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Reinalda Duarte Gomez, 89, May 1, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Leonard Griffith, 86, April 29, banker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Troy G. Hanusa, 44, May 1, truck driver. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Fern B. Heinrich, 90, May 1, accountant. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

Eliza Y. Jacobs, 88, April 22, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Clare Kendall, 49, May 4, farmers market grocer. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Cruz Leon, 74, April 27, teacher’s aide. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Catherine McBride, 84, April 30, homemaker. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Willis McCarter, 88, May 6, manager. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Jose Luis Moreno, 50, May 2, custodian. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

John D. Murdaugh, 94, May 2, U. S. Postal Service. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral home

Antonina Occhipinti, 93, May 6, housekeeper. Desert Sunset Funeral Home

Virginia Slater, 72, May 3, nurse. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Carmen G. Soltero, 77, April 27, cook. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

Irving Turbin, 85, April 30, sales. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Urbaldo Urbano, 76, April 30, supervisor. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Betty Elaine Villano, 71, April 30, manager. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Sara Joyce Whitaker, 80, May 5, artist. Adair Funeral Homes Dodge Chapel

Mary Wollard, 72, April 30, clerk. Hudgel’s Swan Funeral Home

Irene Pacheco Zepeda, 69, April 30, homemaker. Carrillo’s Tucson Mortuary

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