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Has Giffords taken equestrians for a ride?

I am very concerned and upset that the passing of important equine legislation isn’t happening quickly.

Horses are transported in horrible, deplorable conditions across the border to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is not co-sponsoring these bills even though we people and our horses campaigned for her re-election. Why?

Ms. Giffords is a sponsor or co-sponsor to HR322 to declare July 25 as National Day of the Cowboy.

How can she honor the cowboy and sell the horse he rode in on down the road to the slaughter plant?

E.J. Jones


Trial & error: Mockery needs work on attitude

Poor Corey Wlodarczyk (May 7 letter “Mock Trial member judges UA to be unfit”).

His letter reveals an attitude that spells future disaster for this poor, disillusioned graduate.

Have you noticed what happens to lousy neighbors as they move from area to area? They’re still lousy neighbors.

Corey needs to move on, but an attitude adjustment would be beneficial. Could poor grades produce such hatred? I wonder.

Don’t let the door hit your fanny, as you slink away into the night, Corey!

Jerry Pulliam


Sorry, but Dupnik does not owe any apologies

I am a lifelong Republican, but I have voted for Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for as long as I can remember because he does the job he was elected to do.

He does not owe anyone an apology!

While I disagree with his policy of enforcement in the illegal immigrant problem, I understand the constraints of budgets and personnel.

Still, I believe every law enforcement officer has the duty to enforce every law of our country, be it federal, state, county or city.

After all, he surely would not hesitate to apprehend a suspected terrorist planning to blow up the state Capitol.

Nevertheless, he does a fine job, and I applaud him! I repeat: Sheriff Dupnik does not owe anyone an apology!

D. Versluis


Food tax will hit all, not just folks already down

The state, county and city seem to be determined to balance budgets by raising taxes: the state with higher income taxes, the county with higher property taxes, the city of Tucson with property taxes (renters tax), taxes on cable, trash pickup, water, electric and more.

Two to three years ago, renters began renting houses and now they are buying houses because it’s cheaper than renting an apartment.

Apartment complexes were feeling the pinch before the economy went south. Now the city wants to hit the working poor, disabled and people on Section 8 with more taxes.

If the city would begin saving enough money to last six to nine months with no income from the federal government or the state, we would be in much better shape today.

Perhaps this policy as well as a half-cent tax on food (excluding the disabled, elderly and Section 8 residents) would help balance the budget.

We may even be able to eliminate most of the other taxes under consideration.

Dwayne Giorsetti


Pass the buck . . . or simply print more

Simply priceless! Why should I be in insufferable debt when my children and grandchildren can suffer for me?

The right economic track of repressing investment and trade can easily be made up for by printing more money!

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

shorty griswold

May designated month for ALS awareness

ALS. Those three letters never held much significance for me until three years ago, when I learned I have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – Lou Gehrig’s disease.

For those who don’t know, ALS is a ruthless killer. It gradually paralyzes all voluntary muscles, including those used for walking, talking, swallowing and breathing.

There’s no cure, and most people survive only about three to five years.

One thing about receiving such a terrible diagnosis: You learn who you can count on. My family and friends are absolutely amazing.

In addition, the Muscular Dystrophy Association provides invaluable help.

Besides sponsoring a worldwide program of ALS research, MDA provides me with medical care at the MDA ALS Clinic at University Physicians Healthcare Hospital at Kino Campus in Tucson.

MDA has helped me obtain expensive assistive equipment and its support groups and online communities offer advice and hope.

May is National ALS Awareness Month, and in this area, MDA will sponsor an ALS seminar May 14 at the Viscount Suite Hotel.

ALS attacks healthy adults in the prime of life – people such as me. This May, please help conquer this disease by supporting MDA.

Call (800) 572-1717 or visit www.als-mda.org to learn more.

Thank you, southern Arizona, for all your support.

George Borboa

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