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Video: Sean Miller and the Arizona Wildcats at practice

CREDIT: Pac-10
CAPTION: Arizona gets ready for the game at Cal last Saturday.

The Pac-10 had a microphone on Arizona coach Sean Miller during the team’s practice as it prepared for last Saturday’s game at Cal.

The league has posted a cut-up of that video and audio, running just more than five minutes, providing a glimpse of the Wildcats at work that most don’t get to see.

Miller, during an interview in the video, says: “I want to practice to move fast. That’s how the game’s played. I think it’s difficult to kind of have a fast pace if you don’t have a head coach who is driving it. And I like to do that. To me, how you practice really exemplifies how you’ll be on game day, so we want to be on it, responsible, moving from one thing to the next pretty fast.”

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