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Video: Pastner says Memphis is peaking at the right time

CAPTION: Josh Pastner talks to CBS College Sports about the matchup with Arizona.

Memphis coach Josh Pastner was a guest on the phone with CBS College Sports, talking about the NCAA Tournament matchup against Arizona and how he thinks his Tigers are playing their best ball of the season.

He notes that his team is the youngest in school history and the seventh youngest in the country. Pastner said, naturally, it just took time for the players to jell and to accept new roles. Not everyone can be the scoring star they were in high school.

“At the beginning of the year, what I did was put up the total amount of points everyone averaged in high school and it came up to like 258 points,” Pastner said. “I said, Guys, we’re not going to average that. We’re going to have to give up points as an individual so collectively we can be better as a team.’

“I think we’re really getting to that stage now and I like the momentum that we have going into the NCAA Tournament.”

Arizona will play Memphis in Tulsa, Okla., on Friday.

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