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Video blast from the past: Sean Miller in ‘The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh’

ESPN’s Jay Bilas Tweeted on Wednesday that Arizona coach Sean Miller had a cameo in the 1979 film “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.”

Not exactly breaking news — this has been reported in features on the coach, although it’s a far less-known bit of trivia on Miller than his appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson when he was 14 years old.

Before he showed Carson and the country his dribbling skills, Miller did indeed have a cameo — doing the very same dribbling thing — in “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.”

Miller — who grew up in Pittsburgh and was 10 when the movie was released — appears for a few seconds during a scene in which the club was holding open tryouts.

The young Miller can be seen dribbling three basketballs.

But there’s no sense writing about it when you can see it for yourself in the above YouTube video. The scene begins at about the 3:03 mark.

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