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NBA video: Derrick Williams behind the scenes

The NBA posted this video to YouTube on Tuesday, giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse as Arizona Wildcats forward Derrick Williams watched the draft lottery and went through workouts to get ready for Thursday’s draft.

If you’d prefer to read than watch (or if you wanted to do both), check out this profile of Williams from the Los Angeles Times’ Baxter Holmes.

In the feature he quotes an NBA scout as saying that Williams “is going to cause havoc on the offensive end.”

Baxter writes that Williams’ “defense and rebounding are potential weak spots. On average, Williams grabbed one rebound every 3.6 minutes last season. For his size, he should be closer to grabbing one every three minutes, the scout says.”

One more tidbit from that story: Ex-Cat Luke Walton recently offered this piece of advice via text message to the soon-to-be-millionaire: “Don’t spend your money.”

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