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Two ex-Wildcats on Twitter 100 list; who are your favorites?

Gilbert Arenas recently tweeted this photo of him face-planking a cake.

Sports Illustrated released its Twitter 100 list for the sports world, and two very different Arizona Wildcats made the list.

There is the unpredictable (is that a nice way to put it?) Gilbert Arenas, whose recent obsession with planking compelled our Christopher Wuensch to not only chronicle it but join in.

And then there’s Jennie Finch, who, on Twitter, just as in real life, is one of the sun-shiniest people on the planet.

Check out this Finch tweet from Thursday afternoon:

Sometimes all you need is a piece of watermelon Bubblicious gum & chew it like your 10 years old!

On the other hand, there was this from Arenas:

my twitter is for jokes and trash talkin if u dont like it go follow sumbody who cares about there image and wont say honest stuff

(University of Arizona alum Jeff Goodman, a national college basketball writer for CBSSports.com, is also on the Twitter 100 list … as he should be. He had news Thursday about Arizona sophomore guard Jordin Mayes undergoing surgery for a stress fracture in his foot.)

If only Jennie Finch could tweet to us why she was holding a soccer ball during the All-Star legends and celebrity softball game at Chase Field. Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

As far as a UA-related Twitter list, who do you think should be on it?

It should start with athletic director Greg Byrne, who in the past several months has broken news on Twitter about football assistant coaches and basketball coach Sean Miller’s contract extension. And he gives away free stuff, too.

Derrick Williams is off to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he is still entertaining and prolific on Twitter. There might not be a better place to follow his rookie season … whenever that will begin.

In addition to Arenas and Finch, there are all sorts of current and former players to follow, depending on which flavor you prefer. Same with following the local media.

If you’re new (or going to be new to Twitter), this list is one place to start for your Wildcat needs.

Let us know who you prefer.

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