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Video: Arizona State’s new football commercial

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic has the story behind the shoot of the new Arizona State football commercial, which includes quarterback Brock Osweiler throwing a football into a garbage can from 35 yards.

“People underestimate the garbage-can throw,” Osweiler told Haller.

“It’s so hard because you’re throwing it at such an awkward angle. You have to get the velocity just right so it travels 35 yards, but at the same time it has to drop straight down. So yeah, I can put a 35-yard ball on a rope and hit any target, knock a can down or something, but the garbage-can throw is the hardest throw out there, man.”

Between the difficulty of the throw and camera malfunctions, it took about 40 tries to get the take.

I’ll have to ask Arizona senior quarterback Nick Foles on Pac-12 Media Day next Tuesday about his trick-shot ability. Back when Foles was at Austin (Texas) Westlake High School, offensive lineman Andy Theodosis told the San Antonio Express-News that when Foles was messing around in practice, he would throw at players who weren’t paying attention — and hit them in the head from 50 yards away.

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