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Coming Thursday: 24 Hours of Arizona Football Blogging

The series is live: Follow it all at this link.

The season-opener is bearing down on us, and I still have a traffic jam of interviews, information and story ideas to dispense before it all reaches an expiration date.

Arizona kicks off Saturday night against NAU, and there’s little sense in trying to preserve and potentially use these stories at a later date.

So … here is what we’re going to do.

Starting at noon on Thursday, we’re launching 24 Hours of Arizona Football Blogging — one story at the top of each hour. Features, Q&As, rankings, analysis, breakdowns of the new Pac-12, whatever … we’re putting on the blitz, journalism-style.

Missed anything from more than a month of preseason football coverage? Check out my TucsonCitizen.com archives and check in with the home page of the TucsonCitizen.com Sports Network as our other bloggers are ramping up their coverage now that the season is upon us.

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