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Wall Street Journal: Wildcats rate fine on College Football Grid of Shame

You’re not going to the Wall Street Journal for your traditional sports coverage, but the newspaper put an interesting twist on college football with its 2011 College Football Grid of Shame.

To get the full impact of the story, follow the link to the Wall Street Journal and enlarge the chart.

The Journal rated teams on two ways — on how good it thought teams would do this year, and how embarrassed their alumni should be over any off-field problems — and plotted the results on a graph. The top right quadrant is where the Arizona Wildcats landed, in the safe space between the horizontal axis of “projected powerhouse” and the vertical axis of “wear your colors with pride.”

Stanford is at the uppermost right, combining the best potential with the cleanest of images. Way down in the left corner is New Mexico, scandal-ridden and victory-poor.

It’s all subjective, of course, but it’s a fun, different read.

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