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My Week 3 AP ballot: No need to bump LSU from No. 1

I meant to post this Sunday, but got busy with other stuff. Anyway, here is my AP ballot for this week.

Oklahoma had the impressive win at Florida State, so I moved the Sooners to No. 2.

OU received 37 of 60 first-place votes, but I am one of 14 who have LSU at No. 1. I consider the Tigers’ resume — including a win over Oregon in Dallas and a victory at Mississippi State — to be (slightly) better than the win at FSU.

Alabama has a win at Penn State, and Boise State won at Georgia, but those resumes fall behind those from LSU and Oklahoma, too.

Arizona State, after its loss at Illinois, drops out of my rankings. The Devils could bounce back in with a win over visiting USC in its Pac-12 opener on Saturday.

Here is my ballot:

1. LSU
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Boise State
5. South Carolina
6. Oklahoma State
7. Stanford
8. Wisconsin
9. Oregon
10. Florida State
11. Texas A&M
12. Nebraska
13. Virginia Tech
14. Baylor
15. South Florida
16. West Virginia
17. Texas
18. Florida
19. Michigan
20. Clemson
21. USC
22. Arkansas
23. TCU
24. Utah
25. Iowa State

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