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Washington coach Lorenzo Romar: Arizona won’t have ‘false sense of security’

LOS ANGELES — Seattle Pacific, fresh off a 69-68 exhibition victory at Arizona on Thursday night, will play another exhibition next Friday at Washington.

Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar was asked at Pac-12 Media Day what he thought of his next opponent and the Wildcats’ loss to the Falcons.

“My thoughts are that in an exhibition game, it’s a time to experiment, it’s a time to teach, it’s a time to learn,” Romar said.

“We’re fortunate we didn’t have an exhibition game last night, trust me. The way I see it from a coach’s perspective is I’m sure (Arizona) got a lot out of it.”

Romar noted that he Cats have four freshmen while trying to replace Derrick Williams and MoMo Jones.

“It gives them a perspective right now of what level you have to be at,” Romar said of the Cats’ loss.

“Sometimes guys think it will be easy — ‘I will do what Derrick did.’ It’s not that easy. It did more good than if they blew out somebody by 50 or 60 and gave them a false sense of security.”

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