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Greg Byrne tweets first look at Arizona football’s copper helmets

Photo via @Greg_Byrne

The Arizona Wildcats previously only released an artist’s rendering of what their new copper helmet will look like. Athletic director Greg Byrne has an early version of the real thing, which he showed during his Google+ hangout on Friday morning.

After the live video chat (link to the replay), Byrne tweeted a picture of the copper helmet.

It’s not yet known which game, or games, Arizona will use its alternate helmet. Byrne said he has had discussions about which jersey combinations to use with the copper helmet, with the consensus being navy blue (good call, there).

The Wildcats also have blue and white helmets.

I asked coach Rich Rodriguez last month what he thought of the copper helmets.

“It was presented to me, and they wanted to know if I would be in favor of it. I said, ‘Sure,’” he said. “The copper industry has been important in the state of Arizona, and I thought it was a neat idea, a neat concept.”

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