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Rich Rodriguez coming soon to local commercials

Arizona Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez has an engaging personality — a storyteller able to make crowds laugh, comfortable and energetic in front of a camera.

He should make a great pitchman.

And he’s coming soon to a TV near you.

Rodriguez said Tuesday he has taped commercials for Vantage West Credit Union (former UA football coach Mike Stoops previously appeared in its ads) and for Qualified Mechanical.

“It’ll be funny,” Rodriguez said. “If we lose, people will say he’s doing too many commercials. If we win, they won’t say anything.

“The truth is I took four hours out of a vacation day last week and taped two of them. It was easy. I tell them, ‘Call me Two-Take Tommy.’”

A couple of commercials he shot for United Bank while as the head coach of West Virginia are available on You Tube.


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