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Five questions with Arizona quarterback Matt Scott

Matt Scott

Matt Scott represented Arizona at Pac-12 Media Day last month. Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Plenty has been written about Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott. Plenty more to come.

He’s the (non-coaching) face of the franchise this season, a senior who has a chance to keep the tank full for coach Rich Rodriguez’s no-huddle read-option offense.

As long as Scott stays healthy, Arizona has a chance, right? (Well, at least on offense.)

He’s also — for what it is worth — much more relaxed in interview settings. He figures to be a good spokesman for the team, able to address on-field matters as well as off-topic questions, such as when I asked him the other night about his favorite Mexican restaurant in Tucson.

(I kind of had a reason for asking, having just had dinner at Zendejas #13, where I met his brother, who works at the Max Zendejas-run place across from Arizona Stadium.)

Here is his answer about the Mexican restaurant, and four other responses in this mostly silly mini-Q&A:

Q: Favorite Mexican restaurant in town?
Scott: I guess I gotta say Zendejas. That’s pretty good. I also like Guadalajara Grill. That’s a good spot, too. They’ve got some good guacamole over there.”

Q: Who’s a better yeller? RichRod or Mike Stoops?
Scott: RichRod. He’s just louder. I think Stoops is more animated, but RichRod is louder. I don’t even know how he yells that loud. But it hurts my ears when I stand close to him.”

Q: This is your fifth year going to Fort Huachuca for part of fall camp. Other than the football, what do you like about going down there?
Scott: “They have really good sweet tea down there. The food is also really good. I’ll enjoy that.”

Q: Which freshmen are you eager to see in Saturday’s scrimmage?
Scott: “I’m really interested to see how (running back) J.T. Washington does. He’s got quick feet. He’s unbelievable. His cuts are crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that from a freshman. Me and guys were talking about it; he kind of remains me of (Nic) Grigsby. He’s got that little swiftness, I guess you would say. He’s able to cut pretty quickly. I’m excited to see him.”

Q: What lessons do you take from Nick Foles?
Scott: “Just his demeanor. The way he presented him was pretty humbling, I guess you could say. He was a pretty humble guy and talked to everybody. I really liked that about Nick, and he’s a great guy because of those things.”

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