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Ex-Arizona Wildcat Jason Terry tries to learn how to speak Boston

Jason Terry

Jason Terry shows off his new Lucky the Leprechaun tattoo during Boston Celtics media day last week. Photo by Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

If there is one former Arizona Wildcat who can bring a smile to your face, it’s guard Jason Terry.

Terry, at age 35, is still going strong in the NBA and is bringing his good cheer (and, hopefully, his jumper) to the Boston Celtics after five seasons in Atlanta and the past eight with Dallas, including a championship season in 2011.

He signed with the Celtics after last season, signing a three-year deal and hoping to fill the production void left by Ray Allen.

The University of Arizona has given New England Tedy Bruschi, Terry Francona and Rob Gronkowski … now comes Jet.

But Boston is a whole new world; watch as Terry tries to learn the wicked sweet lingo …

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