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Arizona Wildcats break into the BCS standings

The Arizona Wildcats are 24th nationally in the BCS standings, the highest-ranked four-loss team in the country.

The six BCS computers like the Cats better than the humans, who gave Arizona a smattering of points in the Harris Interactive Poll and the USC Today coaches poll but not enough to reach the Top 25.

The Cats are ranked from 14 to 21 in the six computer rankings, whose average makes up one-third of the BCS standings.

The polls account for the other two-thirds.

As a practical matter, it doesn’t mean much to the 7-4 Wildcats, other than to reflect positively on their season against an arduous schedule. That strength of schedule is a large reason why the computers value UA’s resume.

Arizona’s four losses are all to teams in the top 17 of the BCS — No. 5 Oregon, No. 8 Stanford, No. 15 Oregon State and No. 17 UCLA.

UA has victories over No. 21 Oklahoma State and No. 25 Washington, which is also 7-4.

USC is nowhere to be found in the BCS Top 25. The full breakdown can be found at this link.

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