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ESPN’s Jaworski after Nick Foles’ starting debut: Ex-Cat will be ‘a good one’

Nick Foles

Nick Foles is preparing for his second career start Monday night. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, upon further review, said former Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles was better than he originally thought in rookie’s starting debut Sunday for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“It was interesting, because in watching the game on TV, I thought Nick played a little fast and a little bit frenetic,” Jaworski said on a conference call with reporters Tuesday.

“But after looking at the tape, I thought for the most part he was under control. There were a few times I thought he got a little quick in the pocket with his feet. And that’s going to happen not only with a rookie, but with any quarterback.

“Overall, when I look at the tape, I look at the quarterback’s feet first. It could be the young guys, because if their feet are skittish and they’re flying around, that’s how they’re thinking. If they’re calm and collected with their footwork, they’re usually calm and collected with the way they’re playing the game in their mind.”

Foles completed 21 of 46 passes for 204 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions. He also fumbled three times but lost none as the Eagles fell 31-6 to the Washington Redskins.

“I thought for the most part he was very, very good in the game,” Jaworski said.

“Now he made some mistakes. There were times they didn’t give him some help. I just don’t think you can ask the young quarterback to drop back 51 times in the game and expect great results against a very complex and sophisticated Jim Haslett defense that got after him pretty good, by the way.”

Foles seems likely to get another start when Philadelphia plays Monday night against Carolina. Starter Michael Vick is still recovering from a concussion and had not practiced through Wednesday.

Coach Andy Reid has said Vick will move back into the starting role when he’s ready. It’s difficult to project Foles’ future with the Eagles, because they could very well have a new coach and new offense after this season.

“But I think with Nick Foles, he’s shown through the preseason — and I watched him very closely in the preseason and training camp — he’s a big, strong arm thrower that mechanically is very sound,” Jaworski said. “I think he will be a starter in the NFL and a good one.”

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