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RichRod: Matt Scott ‘as good a thrower as I’ve coached or competed against’

Matt Scott

Matt Scott caught the attention of scouts at the NFL Combine. Photo by Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Arizona quarterback Matt Scott, fresh off promising workouts at the NFL Combine last month, will get another chance to improve his stock at the Wildcats’ Pro Day on campus Thursday.

His throws and times and other measurables likely will speak for themselves, but he can also rely on a job recommendation from his old coach, Rich Rodriguez.

“I haven’t talked to a lot of them,” Rodriguez said of NFL scouts. “But everybody I’ve talked to has said he might not have as much buzz as some of those other guys, but they have him ranked really high.

“I know I’m biased, but I’m not sure there are 64 quarterbacks in that league better than Matt Scott,” Rodriguez added, totaling the two deep for all the NFL teams. “And I know there’s not 96. That’s my opinion.”

And Rodriguez had one more thing to say about Scott.

“This guy can make every throw you want to make,” Rodriguez said. “He’s as good a thrower as I’ve coached or competed against, and I’ve competed against a lot of good ones and coached a lot of good ones.”

Assuming his memory is intact, that’s a mighty large statement.

Not sure if he was including his time as an assistant at Tulane and Clemson, but, if so, that list of competitors would include Syracuse’s Donovan McNabb (who actually threw four first-half interceptions against Tulane in 1997) and Virginia Tech’s Michael Vick.

As a head coach at West Virginia, Michigan and Arizona, Rodriguez took on, among others, Miami’s Ken Dorsey, Louisville’s Brian Brohm and USC’s Matt Barkley, a potential first-rounder in April’s draft.

Rodriguez’s most famous quarterback pupils have been Pat White and Denard Robinson, noted for their running skills. As an assistant, he coached Tulane’s Shaun King and Clemson’s Woody Dantzler.

Scott is projected as a fifth-rounder by CBSSports.com, although his physical skills give him considerable upside and could improve his draft positioning.

He was on campus Wednesday, working out on the team’s old practice field while the Cats held spring practice at adjacent Kindall/Sancet Stadium.

The UA lists Scott as one of 17 former players who will work out for scouts. Others from the most recent senior class include receiver Dan Buckner, fullback Taimi Tutogi and center Kyle Quinn.

The question about Buckner is his speed, so this will be a critical audition for him.

“He’s one of the most intelligent receivers I’ve ever coached,” Rodriguez said. “This is a guy who learned all four (receiver) positions in really less than two months. He picked up our stuff really quick.”

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