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Sean Miller’s favorite basketball movie? The one he was in, of course

The Pac-12 Networks asked its men’s basketball coaches to name their favorite basketball movie (see video here).

As you likely would expect, there was a lot of “Hoosiers,” as well as a couple of mentions of the 1979 film, “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh,” a delightfully campy comedy that is a favorite of Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller.

If only because he’s from Pittsburgh and was in it for about seven seconds in a scene as the team holds open tryouts.

Miller, who was 10 when the movie was released, can be seen dribbling three basketballs at once as the coach, played by veteran actor Nicholas Pryor, asks, “How tall is your mother?”

Good stuff. Never gets old to me …

You can see the clip starting at 3:03 of the YouTube video below:

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