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ESPN’s Mel Kiper on ex-Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott

Matt Scott

Matt Scott is prepping for the NFL Draft, which begins April 25. Photo by Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott has had promising offseason workouts but remains just a mid-round draft prospect, according to ESPN’s Mel Kiper.

Kiper, who called Scott a fourth-round pick during an appearance last week on ESPN, hedged his projection a bit Wednesday in a media conference call.

“He’s probably in that four-to-five, four-to-six round area,” Kiper said.

“And he’s probably going to go to a team that doesn’t have as critical a need but wants to look at a young quarterback that maybe feels like, OK, let’s see if we can develop him, put him off the radar for a couple years and develop him old school way and see what happens there.”

Other draft analysts figure that Scott won’t slide past the third round.

According to various reports, Scott has or will soon meet for individual workouts with Philadelphia, Buffalo, Cleveland and Seattle.

Gil Brandt at NFL.com this week listed Scott among players who helped themselves the most with their pro day workouts. Brandy wrote:

“Scott didn’t play a lot until 2012, so people hadn’t seen much of him, but he had a good pro day. I think he surprised people with his arm strength. Here’s what happens: When you’re standing behind the drill, you get a better idea of what a guy’s velocity is on the ball than if you’re sitting up in the stands and watching him throw. You get a better idea of how he can move around. Scott also surprised everybody with his short-area quickness.”

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