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A couple of preseason rankings for Arizona Wildcats basketball

Lindy's hoops 2013-14

The college basketball magazines are going to start hitting the newsstands soon, with Lindy’s releasing one of its regional covers and preseason top 10 on Tuesday.

I can go one better.

I can give you No. 11.

This is relevant, Arizona fans, because the Wildcats are ranked 11th by Lindy’s.

Yes, cue the howls of protests. This won’t be popular in Tucson. Arizona could very well be ranked higher in most other preseason polls. In fact, the Sporting News tabs the Cats at No. 5. Hey, I’m just the messenger here.

I wrote the Arizona preview for Lindy’s, and did some copy editing for the magazine (which is how I know the Wildcats are No. 11), but I had no input in the national or Pac-12 ratings. That’s left to Frank Burlison, and good luck trying to find a scribe more knowledgeable about West Coast hoops than Burlison.

(Last year, he picked Louisville No. 1 and Michigan No. 3 for the magazine. The Cardinals beat the Wolverines in the national championship game.)

Lindy’s is expected to be on sale Sept. 10.

Here is Lindy’s top 10:

1. Michigan State
2. Kentucky
3. Duke
4. Kansas
5. North Carolina
6. Ohio State
7. Louisville
8. Florida
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan

And here is the top 10 from the Sporting News:

1. Kentucky
2. Michigan State
3. Louisville
4. Duke
5. Arizona
6. Kansas
7. Michigan
8. Syracuse
9. North Carolina
10. Oklahoma State

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