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Copper helmets? Rich Rodriguez has a secret

Photo via @Greg_Byrne

Arizona Wildcats coach Rich Rodriguez isn’t telling.

He knows when his team will debut its new copper helmets this season — presumably not this week — but he was asked about that possibility Monday.

“I already know which game,” he said. “But I can’t tell you. The players don’t know either. I don’t even think my wife knows.

“I’d tell my mom, bless her heart, but if I did it would be all over the internet. Sometimes, I have to treat my mom like the internet. If I want something to get out there, I tell Arleen Rodriguez; within 15 seconds it’s nationwide.”

Arizona announced that it would, at times, wear copper helmets, clearly saving them for special occasions. That would not be Saturday’s game against South Carolina State.

There are five home games left after this week, with the most enticing games being against USC (Oct. 27) and Arizona State (Nov. 23). Special-event games are vs. Washington (Oct. 20, Family Weekend) and Colorado (Nov. 10, Homecoming).

The other home game is Sept. 29 vs. Oregon State.

It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that Arizona could wear red helmets for the first time in about three decades, although athletic director Greg Byrne tweeted that “they are not on the radar screen,” when a photo of a red helmet in the UA equipment room hit the internet in June. Byrne said it was only a “mock-up.”

Arizona has worn blue helmets in its 2-0 start.

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